We are always aware of our pride as a Japanese, contribute to the American society through construction work, and work as a craftsman with a sense of responsibility based on Japanese skills and spirits.

Contribution to Japanese community in United States

We support the creation of creative and business spaces that needs of our clients, utilizing the knowledge and technology developed from our experiences.

A skilled craftsman team

The degree of completion of work is mostly determined by craftsman skills. Our staff consists mainly of Japanese people with a rich sense of responsibility.

For customer's satisfaction

We provide satisfactory design and space for clients and their customers. We will deal with urgent troubles as well as aftercare.

Design and Quality

A Japanese designer meets the client closely and provides a reasonable quality construction including complicated American legal requirements.


Based in Los Angeles, we mainly perform commercial store renovations (inside and outside) and maintenance.
We also accept the export of construction materials and air streams, furniture production.

  • Commercial store design, construction
  • Japanese traditional style room production
  • Custom furniture production
  • Export of construction materials and related items
  • Airstream export

Work Flow

Work Flow